22 Feb 2024
Saturday 10 February 2024 - 21:12
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Video: Crouse Group founder discusses government rivalry with private sector

The Iran Project : Founder and main shareholder of Iran's Crouse Group, argues government managers' rivalry with the private sector, discussing the ambiguity of situations.
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According to The Iran Project, Hamiid Keshavarz made the argument in a meeting over resistance economy policies on Saturday.

He believes that the growth size of the private sector should be clear, adding that this sector should be aware of the situations ahead.

Today, the biggest problem is the rivalry of the government and administrators with the private sector.

It must be accepted that the economy must be free, he noted.

Found in 1982, Crouse has been growing exponentially during the last year. The company has forged two international joint venture deals with two of the largest international automotive parts manufacturers in the world, France’s Faurecia and Germany's Continental.

In July 2016 Crouse bought 62% of Bahman Group shares through a subsidiary for $460 million.

Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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