13 Jul 2024
Wednesday 28 February 2024 - 13:03
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Video: Hunting Crocodile by Jaguar

The Iran Project : After losing her first prey, a yellow spotted snake, an American spotted Jaguar sets a trap for a crocodile and hunts it in the water and brings it to the beach to provide food for herself and her family for several days.
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According to the Iran Project, the American spotted tiger or jaguar is a powerful and intelligent animal that also hunts other predators.

In this film, the jaguar first hunts a  yellow snake, but the snake manages to escape, then the tiger enters the water and presents itself as a prey to a crocodile of tropical rivers, and the crocodile is also tempted to hunt the tiger. Unaware that jaguar, this master hunter, has set a trap for him.

After the crocodile attacks the jaguar, the prey becomes the hunter and hunts the crocodile and drags it out of the water to feed itself and its family with crocodile meat for a few days.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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