16 Apr 2024
The Iran Project : High fuel consumption and low-quality domestic cars are some of the most main factors in increasing gasoline consumption in Iran. In addition to increasing the consumption of gasoline, these cars play a significant role in creating pollution.
High fuel consumption engine in Iranian cars root cause of gasoline shortage
High fuel consumption engine in Iranian cars root cause of gasoline shortage
According to The Iran Project, gasoline consumption is one of the major challenges the country faces in the field of energy. It seems that considering the bad situation of gasoline consumption per capita, which is due to the quality of domestic cars' engines and their high volume of fuel, no matter how much gasoline production increases, it will not be possible to establish a balance between consumption and production.

Home-built cars' quality should be improved

Worn-out cars also play an important role in increasing gasoline consumption in the country, and it is necessary to take measures to improve the quality of cars and scrap the worn-out ones.

While the world has moved towards the production of cars with low consumption, in Iran, approximately 10 liters of gasoline are required for every 100 kilometers.

Unfortunately, the non-competitive atmosphere in the automotive industry has caused automakers not to optimize their vehicles.

All-out support detrimental to industries' growth

Jafar Qaderi, a member of the Program, Budget and Calculations Commission of the Iranian parliament highlighted the need to reform the country's automobile industry, pointing out that the country's car industry has yet to be grown.

He stated that sometimes we do not allow industries to grow with all-out and unconditional support, and this is what happened to the country's automobile industry.

One of the main reasons for the gasoline shortage in the country is the low quality of manufactured cars; then they consume more than the international standard and lead to waste fuel, the lwa maker added.

In another relevant comment, the Secretary General of the Energy Export Federation has said, "Iran is among the ten most polluting countries in the world, one of the factors that caused this issue is worn-out cars with high gasoline consumption, which must be improved in this regard; For example, public transport can be electrified."

Domestic car technology should be developed

Optimizing consumption in domestic cars is one of the most important solutions to solve gasoline imbalance.

If an urgent decision is not taken regarding the improvement of the quality of cars, we will tackle insoluble problems, and shortly, despite being among the largest producers of gasoline in the region, we will also become a large importer.

Amirhossein Kakaei, an expert in the automobile industry, stressed that we should upgrade the technology of automobiles and prioritize it because we have to spend a large budget to electrify automobiles.
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