22 Feb 2024
Friday 9 February 2024 - 19:34
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The Iran Project reports from car market:

It is time for Iranian customers to buy cars

The Iran Project : Given the severe recession in Iran's car market, the decrease in customers, as well as a drop in the prices of all types of cars, seemingly, now is the best time for consumers to buy cars because prices may surge next year.
It is time for Iranian customers to buy cars
It is time for Iranian customers to buy cars
According to The Iran Project, it seems that the car market has revised itself and the prices have adjusted. However, the reports of imported cars make customers and investors expect a price drop in the car market.

Command pricing of cars goes on

ّIn the one hand, as per the letter of the Minister of Industry to the Governor of the Central Bank regarding the allocation of credit to car manufacturers, it is unlikely that we are going to witness an increase in approved car prices at least until the end of this year, and the policy maker has no plan to increase the car prices currently.

On the other hand, there will probably be no news of the implementation of the car sales plan on the margin of the market soon.

Jump in car prices concurrent with rise in currency rates

According to The Iran Project, many experts consider a high correlation between exchange rate changes and car price fluctuations. And due to the possibility of increasing the dollar rate in the next year, likely, car prices would likely jump.

In this regard, Masih Farzaneh, an Iranian car expert, has said, "Command pricing will be effective for a limited time and soon we will witness a jump in prices in this market."

uto companies can adjust themselves to mandated pricing for some limited time, he added.

He further described the command pricing as one of the reasons behind the accumulated losses of car manufacturers.

Therefore, according to what has taken place in recent months, the best time to buy a car for consumers is the last few days of the year and we will soon see new car prices in the next year.
Translator : Fatemeh Khoshroo
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