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Iran's tourism market on the path of booming

The Iran Project : Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage announced that 4,400,000 tourists have traveled to the country since the beginning of the year. The declared figure portrays Iran's growth in tourism industry.
Iran's tourism market on the path of booming
According to The Iran Project, Ezzatollah Zarghami, Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts made the remarks on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting, with reference to one of the government's resolutions. 

 According to this resolution permission was issued for the export of 211 historical objects related to before and after the Islamic period to China, which is in agreement with the memorandum of understanding that is inked between Tehran and Beijing, the minister stated. 

 He went on to say that based on this, these objects will be showcased in the Chinese exhibition named "Glory of Pars" in the capital Beijing for the course of 6 months.

 One of our goals is to introduce Iran's cultural heritage at the global level, he added. 

 Tourism statistics in the first 8 months of this year (Persian calendar year ended on March 19) were 4 million 400 thousand people, which has increased by 48.5% compared to last year, Zarghami asserted. 

 After last year's unrest, many people thought that tourism statistics would decrease, but contrary to this idea, tourism statistics have grown. 

 The Glory of Pars Exhibition will be held in Beijing for 6 months in January, he declared. 

 The presence of our historical objects and the explanations given by our experts there can play a big role in spreading the civilization and cultural heritage of our country, he underscored.

 On the other hand, in the exhibition that we will have later in Iran, Chinese historical works will be displayed, the cultural heritage minister noted.

in another relevant development, 
Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Ezzatollah Zarghami had declared that the Iranian Cabinet approved the decision on unilateral cancellation of the visa for 32 countries.

He had added that Iran will neutralize projects of Iranophobia, and by waiving the visa requirement, hopes to attract more foreign tourists.

It is worth mentioning that Iran is the land of Glory and Beauties.

   Having 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites and being the 10th country on Tourism Attractions and 5th on Ecotourism, are only small parts of #Iran characteristics significant for the foreign tourists
Reporter : Fatemeh Khoshroo
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