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Tuesday 9 February 2016
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A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Feb 8

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iran newspapers on Monday and picked headlines from 20 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

IFP Press Round up; February 8, 2016

The Greek premiers visit from Iran and Tehrans new deals with giant French carmaker Peugeot was covered by most papers on February 8, 2016. Furthermore, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhanis call on the nation to come to the ballot boxes in the late February elections was also considered by many dailies on the day.


1-The Syrian refugee crisis a man-made disaster

2-Ghanaian president en route to Tehran

3-Tehran, EU to resume high-level talks on Monday

4-EU, IAEA stress nuclear co-operation with Tehran

5-21 contenders for every parliamentary seat

6-US, South Korea to discuss deployment of missile defense system





1-First EU customer loads Iranian oil

2-Iran poised to regain half of lost EU oil market share

3-Foreigners flock to Iranian capital market; number has grown tenfold since removal of sanctions.






-North Korea launches long-range missile




Arman-e Emrouz:

1-Imams grandson qualified for parliamentary election

2-President: I have not kept silent

3-Mohammad Reza Aref: Reformists will never give up

4-Canada poised to enter Iranian markets





1-President: Revelling in others downfall leads us nowhere; every citizen should vote on February 26

2- Reformist figure: Conditions have improved since 2013 elections

3-Peugeot to pay 427m to Iran in damages






1-Report: High-level negotiations begin [between Iran and Europe in Tehran]

2-President calls on women to showcase their role in society

3-Report: Goals of Greek Premier in Iran visit






1- Iran, EU resume talks

2-Tehran Prosecutor: Satellite dishes on balconies no obstacle for law enforcement





1-Tel Aviv nervous about a Syrian army victory against ISIS

2-Zarif: Iran can resist, interact and negotiate at the same time

3-President warns against turning dissenters into enemies





1-Over 200 Takfiri terrorists killed in Aleppo

2-First Deputy of Judiciary: Cyberspace no backyard for offenders

3-Zarif: Lets believe US is no longer a superpower

4-US slams Pyongyang missile test





1-Details of Iran-EU deals for making cars

2-Report: How did Tehrans first demonstration form?





-The difficulties of movie-making in Syria






1-Rouhani reacts to 3 years of reformist blackmail

2-President: Moderation not only a method or slogan; it is a form of discourse

3-Tel Aviv: If Assad wins, Iran will get to Israeli borders

4-Saudi FM: Founder of Wahabbism was a reformist






1-Zarif: US no longer a superpower

2-Next years housing market predictions

3-Defense Minister unveils 7 geographical national projects

4-Petrol smuggling no longer profitable

5-New social media regulations





1-IRGC a security nightmare for Zionist Regime: Cmdr. Salami

2-Rouhani: We do not hold feminist beliefs

3-Tel Aviv officially exposes support for Takfiri terrorists





1-US should choose between Ankara, Kurds: Erdogan

2-Italian hospital makers en route to Iran






1-Neither feminism, nor stone-age thinking

2-New phase of no-new-car campaign






1-FM: It is a fallacy to say whatever US approves of is harmful

2-Urmia Lake in life and death dilemma

3-Administration prioritizes Makran coast development





1-Iran halts construction of 15 dams to protect environment

2-12 new customers for Iranian crude oil

3-Iran to host World Day of Blood Donors





-4.166m foreign visitors to Iran, tourism organization deputy said






-Dialogue of civilizations: Greek premier visits Irans Isfahan upon arrival

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