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NAM needs robust internal economic alignment

Tehran, May 26, IRNA - No doubt the today has gained its relevance as an influential force on the global scene, but to address realities of the international relations and a globalized economy, the bloc needs to establish an economic alignment.
The ministerial conference of the Non-Aligned Movement is underway in Algiers from May 26 to 29, with the Islamic Republic of Iran holding the rotating presidency of the bloc.

While the conference will discuss topics of democracy, disarmament, social and economic development and peace, member states should also focus on forming an internal economic alignment.

The movement, from the outset, has been a political and ideological-oriented bloc and has failed to provide an economic or social shelter for the member states.

Till date it did not provide much economic or social benefit to the member states, writes Nivedita Das Kundu in the Russian News and Information Agency RIA Novosti.

NAM needs to be better equipped to take on economic and social challenges too along with the political issues and concerns, adds the foreign policy analyst.

In fact, the NAM was established in 1961 by countries in the developing world to resist American and Soviet efforts to enlist them in the Cold War.

?When we say our policy is one of non-alignment, obviously we mean non-alignment with military blocs,? said Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, whose country also contributed to the NAM establishment, in a 1948 speech in Sri Lanka.

Hence, by adopting a middle course the non-aligned nations, during the Cold War, tried to maintain a balance in a world divided between two extreme powers, namely the West and the East.

However, after the Cold War, given to the economy-oriented approach of the great powers, the movement needs to strengthen its economic policy, too.

In a world where economy speaks louder, the movement can no longer be a solely ideological forum for discussing international issues and at the same time make real changes.

If the Non-Aligned Movement wants to live up to its ideals of global peace, progress and friendship, it has no way but to empower itself economically.

To assert their independence from the dominance of the West, the NAM member states need to establish economic ties among themselves to remove poverty and hunger.

And, by relying on their natural and human resources they can foster collectively sound infrastructures to eliminate their dependence on big economies.

From a political and ideological point of view, the 120-member world bloc is increasingly vocal and maintains a global say.

But to be a harbinger of worldwide peace, stability and progress, the Non-Aligned Movement as the second largest international organization after the United Nations, should embrace economy.



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