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Sunday 11 May 2014 - 13:59
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Iran not to accept nuclear apartheid: President

Tehran, May 11, IRNA President Hassan Rouhani said here on Sunday that Iran will continue its peaceful nuclear program and will not accept any nuclear discrimination or apartheid.
He made the remarks while addressing a ceremony to unveil three nuclear achievements in medical field. The ceremony was held at the venue of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI).
Unveiling the achievements took place on the threshold of a new round of talks between Iran and the Group 5+1 slated for May 13 in Vienna.

Iranians are an independence-seeking nation who has succeeded to defeat its enemies and achieve various progresses in all fields during the past three decades, President Rouhani underlined.

He added that after Irans1979 Islamic Revolution, all countries involved in the establishment of Irans nuclear facilities including the US, Germany and France, evaded their obligations to provide Tehran reactors fuel and to complete construction of Bushehr Nuclear power plant.

Iran referred to all official nuclear centers in both eastern and western blocks to meet its nuclear demands but they have all refused to help, said the President.

Referring to reports about Iran pursuig a covered nuclear program as mere lies, President Rouhani asserted, ?if Iran was pursuing a covered nuclear program, it would never refer to the official international centers to supply its nuclear facilities, including the centrifuges.?

?At the present time that Tehran is able to enrich uranium even up to 20 percent degree and can meet demands of its nuclear facilities, it will not retreat from its peaceful nuclear activities,? President Rouhani expressed.

He stated that Tehran aimed to increase its activities in the legal, political and publicity fields to remove obstacles on the way of its progress by making ?ballanced efforts.?

The international community should avoid depreciating Iranian nation and should surrender to the nations legitimate rights, said the President.
He noted that Irans nuclear activities were peaceful such as producing healthier agricultural productions.



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