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Wednesday 9 April 2014 - 16:08
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Iran witnessing increase in organ donation, transplant

Iran witnessing increase in organ donation, transplant
Organ transplantation has a long history in Iran. It is believed that Avicenna, the great Iranian physician and philosopher, was the first to suture nerves together.
In the modern era, the first transplants in Iran were performed in the 1930s. In recent decades, Iran has managed to show a progressing trend in the number and quality of different types of organ transplant.

Annually, 2500 kidney transplants, 500 liver transplants, 80 heart transplant, 15-20 lung transplants, and 20 pancreatic transplants are carried out in Iran.

Iran ranks first in kidney transplantation in the Middle East and fourth in organ transplantation in the world.

The Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education officials say, during the past two decades, advances in medical sciences has led to greater success in organ transplantation.

In Iran, around 5000 people are pronounced brain death every year. Despite a considerable increase in the number of organs harvested from donors, there are still many in need of one.

By Press TV


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