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Saturday 27 October 2012 - 21:49
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Motion to question Ahmadinejad left off the Parliament's agenda

Iranian Vice Presidentforparliamentaryaffairs has announced that the motion to question President Ahmadinejad cancelled as a number of lawmakers withdrew their signatures.

Iranian Vice Presidentforparliamentaryaffairs LotfollahForouzandeh said that 40 lawmakers withdrew their signatures calling for the questioning of President Ahmadinejad over economic issues thereby the motion was left off the Parliament's agenda.

According to the Constitution, the president must appear in the parliament to answer MPs' questions when at least one fourth of the lawmakers sign a motion summoning him, but now the number of signatures falls short of threshold.

Following the recent currency and gold crisis in Iran, some members of parliament, who believed that the government is responsible for the currency crisis, signed a motion calling for the questioning of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the issue.

Iranian lawmaker Ali Iranpour said on October 10 that the motion, signed by 100 parliamentarians, has been presented to the Majlis (parliament) Presiding Board;however, spokesman of the Majlis Presiding Board, Abdolreza Mesri, said that the motion has not been presented to the board.

Given the overall atmosphere of the Parliament, it is believed that these issues need to be pursued by holding meetings in the specialized parliamentary committees, Forouzandeh added.

Some say that MPs withdrew their signatures to calm down the recent inflammation caused by currency crises and economic problems.




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