24 Jul 2024
UN report on Iran
By Xinhua

TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) -- AnIranian lawmaker lashed out at a recent UN report on human rights situation in Iran, saying that it was prepared under the West's influence, .?J?:?M?nday.

"Based on the directives from the U.S. and Zionist regime, the (UN) rapporteur pursues lines drawn up by them," Mohammad Esmaeili, a member of Iran's Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, was quoted as saying.

UN special rapporteur on human rights situation in Iran Ahmed Shaheed said Thursday in a report that Iran had repeatedly limited freedom of media and right activists inside the country, detained a number of them and mistreated them.

Esmaeili said the UN reports about Iran do not reveal the truth, emphasizing that the rapporteur is trying to announce "what has been dictated to him by fabricating facts," according to Press TV.

TheUnited Nationsprepares "false" reports on the basis of unconventional resources and the Islamic republic's enemies, Esmaeili added, noting that the Iranian nation and the Islamic establishment will never accept UN reports against the country.

Iranian foreign ministry dismissed the report on Friday as " politically motivated", "biased" and without any legal basis. It said in a statement that the report is a reflection of "Western animosity toward Iran," according to Press TV.


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