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Ahmadinejad: Iran, Lebanon resisting hegemony together

Ahmadinejad: Iran, Lebanon resisting hegemony together
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Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad describes Lebanon as the "center of resistance," saying the Iranian and Lebanese nations carry the message of convergence and resistance against hegemony, Press TV reported.

"The two Iranian and Lebanese nations have enormous cultural and historical commonalities and are harbingers of peace, justice and fraternity for all people and are against the occupation, cruelty and bullying dominant in the international scene and the region," President Ahmadinejad said on Saturday in a message to an international conference on resistance.

He added that the admirable resistance of the Lebanese nation, army and government brought dignity to the people of the region and all justice-seekers.

The Iranian chief executive emphasized that the Islamic Republic has always welcomed the expansion of ties with Lebanon.

The Iranian nation will always stand by the brave Lebanese people and will make use of the utmost potential to strengthen constructive relations, Ahmadinejad pointed out.

Iran calls Syria and Lebanon's Hizbullah military force as resistance front against its first enemy Israel.


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