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Sunday 15 December 2013
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Venezuela backs Iranian, Syrian nations

Tehran, Dec 14, IRNA - Venezuelan Ambassador to Tehran Amenhotep Zambranosaid on Saturday that his country is determined to defend the legitimate rights of the Syrian people as well as the Iranian nation?s rights to make use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
He made the remarks in a roundtable on Alba Union, geopolitics and grounds for expansion of cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Latin America in Tehran on Saturday.

Alba Union attaches importance to maintaining the sovereignty of the Syrian people and to defending the cause of Palestine, he said.

Relations between Latin America, Africa and the Islamic Republic of Iran have been defined and well established, he said.

Enemies know that world nations are now withstanding them and they cannot prevent their moves, he said.

Iran enjoys suitable capabilities in the fields of diplomacy and technology as its enemies are fully aware of this, he pointed out.

Referring to the efforts of the US to dominate Latin America, he said Alba Union helped improve the status of Latin American countries.

Our region was held captive by North America and this left drastic consequences on the region but late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez tried to give identity and credit to Latin America, said the Venezuelan ambassador to Tehran.

The roundtable was held on the eve of the ninth anniversary of establishment of Alba Union, in cooperation with Bolivia and Venezuela in which a number of prominent domestic and foreign political figures and intellectuals were present.



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