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Sunday 24 November 2013 - 10:12
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Source reveals details of possible Iran Deal

Nasim While intensive negotiations between Iran and the P 5+1 continue in late hours of fourth day, an informed source who is in contact with the Iranian negotiating body revealed some details of the draft that the negotiators from seven countries are working on to Nasim.
according to the draft received by Nasim the US will accept to release$8.5-10 billion of Iranian assets.

The P5+1 also agreed with some sanction reliefs on exporting auto parts, gold and precious metals and aircraft spare parts to Iran. A few banks are also will be excluded form the financial sanctions to handle certain transactions to the country.

in return Iran willaccepts suspending 20% uranium enrichment for a period of six months and agrees to neutralize its stockpile and uranium enrichment in Iran will be limited to 5%. Iran has enough fuel to inject in the Tehran research reactor to produce medicine for more than 800,000 cancer patient for next 6 months.
during the period Iran will refrain from production, installation and activation of new centrifuges and construction activities inArak reactor will be suspended.

Iran will provide IAEI access to its nuclear facilities beyond Nuclear Proliferation Safeguards andis committed to resolve the remaining issues in the talks with the IAEA.
The source who spoke to Nasim on condition of anonymity, the prolongation of the talks is due to the hard debates for choosing proper phrases of suspending enrichment and pacing Arak progress. the two phrases are point of most important differences between Iran and two member of the P5+1 to finalize the blueprint of the draft.

According to the source Iran trying to include phrases which endorse Irans right of enrichment in a way, either explicit or implicit

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