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Iran's military unveils two new defense vehicles

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Iran has unveiled two new armored vehicles at the 4th day of the Sacred Defense week in Tehran, IRINN reported.

"Howeizeh" ultra light tracked armored vehicle and "Tala'eeyeh" armored APC were unveiled in presence of Iran's Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi.

Vahidi noted that Iran is currently working towards making its army vehicles lighter, and faster, and increasing their operational mobility. Both "Howeizeh" and "Tala'eeyeh" were manufactured domestically by Iranian specialists.

"Howeizeh is a medium weight armored vehicle, that is simply maintained, it has installed weapons and equipment on it. Aside from that it has effective camouflage options, and it is easily transported via helicopters or planes," Vahidi said.

He also added that Howeizeh can be used not only for military operations, but also for border patrol, drug trafficking operations, in civilian purposes, and even in oil and gas drilling activities.

Speaking of "Tala'eeyeh", Vahidi noted that this armored vehicle is agile, powerful, and has a unique ability for each of vehicle's wheels operate separately. He noted that this vehicle can play a significant role in the mobilization of the armed forces.

Iran is holding the Holy Defense Week, which is celebrated annually in Iran to commemorate those who died during the Iran-Iraq War.

The Iran-Iraq War began on Sept. 22, 1980 when the Iraqi army attacked the Iranian province of Khuzistan. The war ended with a ceasefire agreement on August 1988. The border between the two countries remained unchanged.

Previously, Iran unveiled new defence system "RAD", also during the Sacred Defense week.


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