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Iranian parliament: US empty-handed after Syrias accession to CWC

TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrias endorsement of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) prevented the break-out of a new war in the region and took the excuse from the US and its allies, the Iranian parliament's research center said in a report on Sunday.

Syrias membership in the CWC practically took away the excuse that the US and its western-Arab allies had sought for attacking Syria, the parliaments Research Center said in its latest report on Syria.

The US faced abundant challenges for attacking Syria and if it had broken out, a regional and probably world war would have been likely to happen, but the political initiative which shooed away the shadow of war from the region is of vital and strategic importance and should not go unheeded, the report added.

Meantime, the report warned that if the US and its allies seek to raise new demands from Damascus to change the agreement of the Syrian government on the dismantlement of its chemical weapons in their own interests, then a bad fate will be waiting for this agreement.

Syria officially became a member of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons on October 14. The Hague-based UN partner is responsible for the implementation and supervision of the international Chemical Weapons Convention.

The OPCW is responsible for elimination of the chemical weapons in Syria.

The OPCW has said that there are a total of 20 sites to be visited in Syria.

Since inspectors arrived in the country earlier this month, activities have also included "critical equipment destruction at six sites as well as some Category 3 weapons destruction", the organization added in a statement.

The chemical watchdog, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, classifies Category 3 as "unfilled munitions and devices and other equipment specifically designed to aid the deployment of chemical weapons".

The OPCW and the United Nations now have about 60 experts working in Syria to eradicate chemical weapons, around a month after the OPCW accepted Damascus application to join the CWC.

By Fars News Agency


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