6 Dec 2023
Wednesday 12 September 2012
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Iran capable of destroying 35 U.S. military bases

Iran capable of destroying 35 U.S. military bases
By The Journal of Turkish Weekly

Iran has prepared a response plan in the case that it is attacked from the outside. The plan provides for the destruction of 35 U.S. military bases in the Middle East within a few minutes after the attack. This was announced on Wednesday by the head of the aerospace division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force (IRGC) General Ali Amir Hajizade.

The General said that measures have been thoroughly thought through to deploy missiles designed to destroy all of the U.S. bases in the first minutes after the attack. The general added that he was talking about U.S. military installations located around the Islamic Republic, but did not specify at what distance.

He explained that there had been recent military exercises which included those intended for a missile strike on a hypothetical enemy airbase.


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