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Saturday 25 August 2012 - 20:23
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"Not anyone should comment on changing election's administrator"

"Not anyone should comment on changing election
Rejecting remarks about the necessity of legal reforms to change the Iran's election administrative system, Interior minister has emphasized that according to law, Interior ministry is election administrator, "and this is not a case everyone wants to comment on and reduce the functions of executive branch."

Based on Iran's government information center, Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, Interior Minister said "according to law, interior ministry, as the election's administrator, will fulfill its duties to hold the elections."

"In the years after the Islamic Revolution in Iran and according to the letter of the constitution, Interior Ministry was and will be the election's administrator," Khabar Online quoted Mohammad Najiar as saying.

But Guardian Council spokesmanAbbas Ali Kadkhodaei affirmed "Interior Ministry is just the election supporter, and people and administrative bodies are the election administrators," BBC Persian reported.

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