16 Jul 2024
Beirut, Aug 20, IRNA Senior Lebanese Shia Muslim scholar Ayatollah Sheikh Afif Nablusi on Tuesday called on Iran to help thwart plots hatched by the US and the Zionist regime to divide the Muslim nations in the region.
Addressing a ceremony in southern Lebanese city of Saida, Nablusi urged regional governments to safeguard national solidarity, stressing the need for the nations to exercise vigilance toward the enemies plots.

He expressed concern about bloodshed and crimes against humanity in Egypt perpetrated by the military commanders who toppled the democratically-elected government of president Morsi, and said that the Muslim nations must bolster national and Islamic unity to put an end to ongoing violence in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Meanwhile, Talal Arsalan, head of the Lebanese Democratic Party said in a statement that the recent terrorist attack in southern Beirut indicates enemies plots to create ethnic and religious strife in the country.

He urged all Lebanese officials to help restore stability in the country and prevent Shia-Sunni divide.



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