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Takfiri terrorism bears US hallmark: Larijani

Takfiri terrorism bears US hallmark: Larijani
Irans Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says the US and other arrogant powers are behind the terrorist activities conducted by extremist Takfiri groups.
The footprint of arrogant currents, particularly the US, is visible in many of the terrorist activities [carried out] by these extremist groups, Larijani said on Wednesday.

He accused the US of arming these fanatic currents in Syria and other countries.

The top Iranian parliamentarian slammed the terrorist groups and Wahhabism for creating catastrophes for the Muslim world, saying the Wahhabists are pitting Takfiri groups against Shiites and other Islamic faiths.

Larijani also underlined the importance of the role of Muslim scholars in defusing such schemes. The extremist and radical groups seek to create rift among Muslims, but the Islamic scholars can make people cognizant of such divisive [attempts] by elaborating on the pure facts of Islam.
In recent years, foreign-sponsored Takfiri groups have been conducting numerous acts of terrorism across the Muslim world, including in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., killing thousands of civilians and destabilizing security in those Muslim countries.

Political observers have warned that the scenario has been orchestrated by the hegemonic powers to safeguard the interests of the United States, Israel and their allies, by sparking division among different spectrums in the Muslim world and preventing the rise of political Islam.

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