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Wednesday 21 August 2013 - 12:10
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Iranian civil society asks Obama to remove crippling sanctions

Several hundred Iranian political and human rights activists, academics, and students inside and outside Iran wrotea letterthis week to US President Barack Obama asking him to engage with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to work towards the elimination of sanctions and the lowering of tensions between Iran and the United States. The letter also expresses support for the 55 Iranian political prisoners who wrote a separate letter to President Obama about the impact of sanctions on Iranians.
Economic sanctions, particularly those imposed unilaterally by the United States, have taken a terrible toll on the Iranian peoples standard of living, the group writes. They add, We are concerned that the constant pressure applied by Congress to encourage a policy of confrontation will have negative repercussions on the nuclear negotiations.

These letters join many others that have support from civil society both within and outside Iran, including from journalists, activists, and intellectuals well known for criticizing the Iranian government, urging the removal of crippling sanctions.

Thefull text of the letter is below.

Mr. President,

In a recent letter to you, fifty-five Iranian political prisoners enumerated their deep concerns about the negative impact of sanctions on the Iranian people. They urged you to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the election of President Hassan Rouhani to resolve the outstanding problems between the United States and Iran.

We, a group of Iranian political and human rights activists, academics, and students, are writing this letter to declare our support for the points raised by these political prisoners and to call on all parties involved to work towards the elimination of sanctions and the lowering of tensions between Iran and the United States. As the recent elections demonstrated, these are also the primary concerns of the majority of the citizens of Iran.

The fifty-five political prisoners are a diverse group who represent a large segment of Irans democratic movement. In the letter they have articulated the demands of the majority of Iranians when they stated that the sanctions have now turned into a collective punishment imposed on the Iranian people as a whole, not the government only. The Iranian people believe the sanctions are unjustified and are in large part responsible for their economic suffering. They see themselves as victims of the tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Economic sanctions, particularly those imposed unilaterally by the United States, have taken a terrible toll on the Iranian peoples standard of living. The precipitous drop in oil revenues, the destruction of a large swath of Iranian industry, rampant inflation, and widespread unemployment, while partly a result of economic mismanagement by the Iranian government, have been significantly worsened by the sanctions. Shortage of medicine in particular is a critical problem. Although medicine is not specifically restricted by sanctions, the price of medicine has increased astronomically and many life-saving drugs are extremely hard to obtain because international banks refuse to engage in financial transactions with Iran.

While the sanctions are ostensibly aimed at changing Irans policies regarding its nuclear program, increasingly stringent sanctions are not congruent with this aim. Irans nuclear program has not been affected during the past eight years; it is only the peoples standard of living that has dramatically fallen. As a result, there is a growing belief among the Iranian people is that the designers of the sanction regime are not concerned with their human rights and have instead targeted them in order to force the Islamic Republic to submit to their demands.

The failed economic blockade of Iraq in the 1990s resulted in the tragic deaths of a million innocent Iraqis, the degradation of Iraqi society, the growth of fundamentalism, and the strengthening of Saddam Husseins regime. We believe that the only viable path toward democracy in our country is through domestic efforts and can only be achieved by members of Irans civil society who persist in the struggle for change. Indeed, it was the resistance and perseverance of the democracy-seeking forces and their leaders inside Iran who were able to marginalize the extremists and achieve a victory for moderate political voices in the recent election.

We are deeply concerned about the recurrence of the Iraqi experience for Iran, which would eliminate the only opportunity for peaceful and democratic change in our country. We are certain that economic sanctions will continue to weaken Irans civil society and strengthen the hands of extremists.

During the recent presidential election in Iran Hassan Rouhani secured the vote of the majority of the electorate by promising to change the former governments policies and by pledging to develop a rational foreign policy in the national interest. In Iran, President Rouhani is known for his conciliatory tendencies toward the international community. His election is an explicit statement of the widespread desire of the Iranian people to restore constructive and friendly relations with the world. The serious determination of the new president and the earnest desire of the Iranian people to take practical steps to reduce tensions have provided a rare and unique opportunity for the resolution of the nuclear dispute. If the US and other Western governments seize this opportunity, the disputes could be settled.

Four days before the inauguration of President Rouhani, the US House of Representatives passed a new set of crippling sanctions against our people. Despite the conciliatory message sent by the Iranian people with this election, the message from Congress was a hostile one, and communicated that there are forces in the US who are not interested in resolving disputes.

During the presidency of Mohammad Khatami, Irans reformist government voluntarily suspended its enrichment activities in 2001. The Bush administration not only did not show any interest in arriving at a resolution, but responded by labeling Iran as a member of the Axis of Evil. We believe that the subsequent change in the approach of the Islamic Republic, and its distrust of Western powers, was partly the result of the failure of the reformist government to reach an agreement with Western countries.

We are concerned that the constant pressure applied by Congress to encourage a policy of confrontation will have negative repercussions on the nuclear negotiations. Failure in the upcoming negotiations will lead to the strengthening of extremist voices on both sides. We urge you to prevent the recurrence of past mistakes and missed opportunities and take steps to open a new path towards the resolution of disputes through diplomacy.

We hope that the new Iranian government will adopt rational policies that serve the national interests of Iran and take the necessary steps towards reaching a nuclear agreement with the West. Iranian civil and political activists support actions by the Rouhani government to normalize relations with the international community. We strongly urge his administration to pursue this path.

During the recent elections, the Iranian people sent a clear message to their leaders, and to countries engaged in negotiations with Iran, that they want a reduction in tensions. Under enormously difficult economic and political circumstances, they elected a president who promised change. We hope that you and the leaders of other countries that support sanctions will hear this message and will respond in kind.

Under the current circumstances, arriving at a resolution that guarantees the complete transparency of Irans nuclear activities and removes the economic sanctions against Iran is within reach. For the past thirty-four years, the lack of diplomatic and official relations between the US and Iran has prevented our two countries from coming to agreements on various disputes. The first step toward improving this relationship is building mutual trust. The removal of crippling sanctions would be the clearest way for the United States to begin building this trust.

1. Abbas Bidar (Political Activist)
2. Abbas Zargar (Lawyer)
3. Abdolali Bazargan (Researcher and Political Activist)
4. Abdolsalam Salimi (Social Activist)
5. Abolfazl Jafarpour (Political Activist)
6. Abolfazl Rahiminejad (Political Activist)
7. Abtin Ghaffari (Artist)
8. Ahad Fazel (Social Activist)
9. Ahmad Ghadyani (Students Rights Activist)
10. Ahmad Jalali Farahani (Journalist)
11. Ahmad Naghib Zade (Professor, Tehran Universiity)
12. Ahmad Nouri (Political Activist)
13. Ahmad Sadri (Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Lake Forest College)
14. Ahmad Shakeri (Political Activist, United Republicans of Iran)
15. Ahmad Tavakoli (PhD Student in Electronics)
16. Akbar Doustar (Political Activist, United Republicans of Iran)
17. Aki Akrami (Political Activist)
18. Akram Kheyrkhah (Social Activist)
19. Alborz Zamani (Political Activist)
20. Alex Shams (Political Activist)
21. Ali Abdi (Students Rights Activist, PhD Student in Anthropology)
22. Ali Abiri (Student)
23. Ali Ajami (Political Activist)
24. Ali Akbar Mousavi Khoeini (Researcher and Political Activist)
25. Ali Amiri (Political Activist)
26. Ali Honari (Political Activist)
27. Ali Hosein Ghazizadeh (Students Rights Activist)
28. Ali Kamareee (Cultural Activist)
29. Ali Mirsepasi (Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and Sociology, New York University)
30. Ali Moini (Political Activist)
31. Ali naghi Mashayekhi (Professor of Management, Sharif University)
32. Ali Nikoee (Human Rights Activist)
33. Ali Nosrati (Student)
34. Ali Porsan (Human Rights Activist)
35. Ali Rezai (Political Scientist)
36. Ali Samie Zadeh (Political Activist)
37. Ali Sardari (Political Activist)
38. Ali Shakeri (Political Activist)
39. Ali Tabatabaei (Political Activist)
40. Ali Taghipoor (Students Rights Activist)
41. Ali Tarokh (Political Activist)
42. Ali Vefghi (Political Activist)
43. Alirez Firoozi (Students Rights Activist)
44. Alireza Abou Fazeli (Political Activist)
45. Alireza Gholam Hosseini (Students Rights Activist)
46. Alireza Kafaei (Political Activist)
47. Alireza Roshan (Social Activist)
48. Amin Bozorgian (Author)
49. Amir Amirgholi (Political Activist)
50. Amir Ariya Zand (Social Activist)
51. Amir Etedali (Political Activist)
52. Amir Khaleghi (Womens Rights Activist)
53. Amir Rahi (Political Expert)
54. Amir Rashidi (Political Activist)
55. Amir Rezaei (Political Activist)
56. Amir Seraji (Social Activist)
57. Ana Adib Kia (Social Activist)
58. Arang Keshavarzian (Associate Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, New York University)
59. Arash Azarmi (Social Activist)
60. Arash Hosseini Pajouh (Journalist)
61. Arash Khan Del (Political Activist)
62. Arash Raeisi (Political Activist)
63. Arash Raeisi Nezhad (PhD Student in Political Science)
64. Ardavan As-habi (Political Activist)
65. Arefeh Tavanfar (Political Activist)
66. Arjang Alipour (Students Rights Activist)
67. Armaghan Abiri (PhD Student in International Law)
68. Asal Abbasian (Journalist)
69. Asal Hazrati (Student)
70. Asef Bayat (Professor of Global and Transnational Studies)
71. Ashkan Iman Khan (PhD Student in Management)
72. Ashkan Jeihuri (Translator)
73. Ashkan Mojallali (Political Activist)
74. Ashkan Razavi (Political expert, Iran National Front)
75. Asie Amini (Journalist)
76. Asie Bakeri (Social Activist)
77. Ata Tehranchi (Political Activist)
78. Ayda Abroufarakh (Womens Rights Activist)
79. Aylin Asadi Nejad (Students Rights Activist)
80. Ayub Jafari (Social Activist)
81. Azade Asadi (Social Activist)
82. Azade Khosroshahi (Social Activist)
83. Azade Kian (Director, Centre for Education, Research and Documentation for Feminist Studies, University Paris-Diderot)
84. Azade Tabatabaei (Social Activist)
85. Azam Alsadat Fatemi (Social Activist)
86. Azar Bahari (Political Activist)
87. Azita Eskandariun (Political Activist)
88. Aziz Karamlou (Republican Political Activist)
89. Babak Ahmadi (Author and Translator)
90. Babak Darbeygi (Political Activist)
91. Babak Zamanian (Political Activist)
92. Bagher Ahmadi (Human Rights Activist)
93. Bahar Karimi-karbalaei (Social Activist)
94. Bahare Saadat (Political Activist)
95. Bahman Alizade (Republican Political Activist)
96. Bahman Malek (Republican Political Activist)
97. Bahram Abbasi (Social Activist)
98. Bahram Esmaeilbeygi (Political Activist)
99. Banafshe Madani Nezhad (Faculty, Southwestern University)
100. Behdad Bordbar (Researcher)
101. Behnam Nikzad (Students Rights Activist)
102. Behrouz Fathali (Political Activist)
103. Behrouz Kazemi (Journalist)
104. Behrouz Shahrokh Nia (Political Activist)
105. Behrouz Zakeri (Student)
106. Behzad Bagheri (Political Activist)
107. Belal Mordaveysi (Students Rights Activist)
108. Bijan Khajepour Khoee (Economic Analyst)
109. Bijan Safsari (Journalist)
110. Bita Mostofi (Lawyer)
111. Camelia Haj Ghasem (Artist)
112. Daryoush Mohammad Poor (Political Scientist)
113. Daryoush Vosoughi (Republican Political Activist)
114. Davoud Dashtbani (Political Activist)
115. Davoud Moradi Gravand (Researcher)
116. Davoud Roshani (Political Activist)
117. Donya Akbari (Social Activist)
118. Dorsa Sobhani (Students Rights Activist)
119. Ebrahim Mehtari (Human Rights Activist)
120. Ebrahim Nabavi (Author and Satirist)
121. Ebrahim Safari (Political Activist)
122. Edris Salehi Golsefidi (Students Rights Activist)
123. Ehsan Amini (Student)
124. Ehsan Ebrahimi Mohtasham (Political Activist)
125. Ehsan Jalilian (Social Activist)
126. Ehsan Mansouri (Political Activist)
127. Ehsan Mojtahedi (Social Activist)
128. Ehsan Nourbakhsh (Student)
129. Ehsan Ramezanian (Political Activist)
130. Ehsan Yazdi (Social Activist)
131. Elahe Mojaradi (Member of Central Council, Mosharekat Party)
132. Elahe Rostami (Lecturer, School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS, University of London)
133. Elyas Khalaj (Physicist)
134. Elnaz Kian (Political Activist)
135. Erfan Sharifi (Political Activist)
136. Esmaeil Khataei (Political Activist, United Republicans of Iran)
137. Esmaeil Zargarian (Political Activist)
138. Faeze Ziaee (Social Activist)
139. Fahime Melati (Social Activist)
140. Fakhrolsadat Mohtashami Pour (Member of Central Council, Mosharekat Party)
141. Farahnaz Mohammadi (Republican Political Activist)
142. Farhad Farjad (Political Activist, United of Republicans of Iran)
143. Farhad Nouri (Journalist)
144. Farhad Rahmati (Professor of Mathematics, Tehran Polytechnic)
145. Farhad Rouhi (Political Activist, United of Republicans of Iran)
146. Farhang Kashani (Student)
147. Farhmand Alipour (Journalist)
148. Fariba Ghayour (Social Activist)
149. Fariba Khak Baz (Political Activist)
150. Farid Hashemi (Students Rights Activist)
151. Farshad Faryabi (Political Activist)
152. Farshad Toumaj (Reformist Political Activist)
153. Farya Barlas (Social Activist)
154. Farzane Razavi (Republican Political Activist)
155. Farzane Roustaei (Journalist)
156. Fatemeh Haghiri (Political Activist)
157. Fatemeh Keshavarz (Professor of Persian, University of Maryland)
158. Fatemeh Kheradmand (Journalist)
159. Fatemeh Tayari (Political Activist)
160. Firooze Ramezanzade (Journalist)
161. Foad Shams (Journalist)
162. Ghazal Hazrati (Journalist)
163. Golbarg Baashi (Faculty, Iranian and Middle Eastern Studies, Rutgers University)
164. Golnar Doroudian (Student)
165. Goudarz Eghtedari (Academic)
166. Habibeh Golrokh (Political Activist)
167. Hadi Bagheri (Social Activist)
168. Hadi Kahalzade (Political Activist)
169. Hadi Keykavousi (Author)
170. Hadi Mozafari (Student)
171. Hamd Rahbari (Physician)
172. Hamd Sarafpour (Human Rights Activist)
173. Hamd Shojaei (Students Rights Activist)
174. Hamd Siasi Rad (Students Rights Activist)
175. Hamd Varmazyar (Students Rights Activist)
176. Hamed Ebrahiminejad (Journalist)
177. Hamed Haghighat Nia (Student)
178. Hamid Dabashi (Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature, Columbia University)
179. Hamid Hadavand (Political Activist)
180. Hamid Reza (Mahan) Mohammadi (Political Activist)
181. Hamze Ghalebi (Student)
182. Hanif Mazrouei (Journalist)
183. Hasan Farshchian (Jurist)
184. Hasan Hadavi (Political Activist)
185. Hassan Amini (Student)
186. Hassan Younesi (Political Activist)
187. Hassan Yousefi Eshkevari (Religious Scholar)
188. Hazhir Sharifi (Journalist)
189. Hengame Hoveyda (Poet)
190. Hojat Moradi (Journalist)
191. Hojjat Nazari (Political Activist)
192. Hormoz Zamani (Republican Political Activist)
193. Hosein Gholami (Social Activist)
194. Hosein Mousavi (Social Activist)
195. Hosein Mozafari (Political Activist)
196. Hosein Naghashi (Political Activist)
197. Hosein Raeisi (Human Rights Activist)
198. Hosein Rasouli (Students Rights Activist)
199. Hosein Tayeb (Political Activist)
200. Hosein Yazdi (Political Activist)
201. Hossein Javdani (Students Rights Activist)
202. Hossein Kamali (Assistant Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures, Barnard College, Columbia University)
203. Hossein Nourani Nejad (Journalist)
204. Hossein Zehtab (Republican Political Activist)
205. Iraj Bagherzade (Political Activist)
206. Iraj Vahedipour (Political Activist)
207. Jafar Ghadim Khani (Social Activist)
208. Jalal Khorram Biz (Social Activist)
209. Jalal Mohamadlou (Political Activist)
210. Jalil Mohammadian (Social Activist)
211. Javab Alikhani (Political Activist)
212. Javid Fakhrian (Political Activist)
213. Kamal Naseri (Student)
214. Kamran Rahimi (Political Activist)
215. Kamran Rastegar (Assistant Professor of Arabic Program, Tufts University)
216. Kamyab Give Ki (Students Rights Activist)
217. Kamyar Behrang (Political Activist)
218. Kamyar Give Ki (Students Rights Activist)
219. Katayoon Pezeshki (Human Rights Activist)
220. Kaveh Ehsani (Assistant Professor, International Studies Department, DePaul University)
221. Kaveh Rezaei Shiraz (Students Rights Activist)
222. Kavosh Saei (Journalist)
223. Keyvan Forouzan (Social Activist)
224. Kianoush Bostani (Student)
225. Kioumars Marzban (Satirist)
226. Kohyar Goudarzi (Human Rights Activist)
227. Kohzade Esmaili (Political Activist)
228. Kourosh Janati (Cultural Activist)
229. Kourosh Rad (Human Rights Activist)
230. Kourosh Ragheb (Republican Political Activist)
231. Laleh Khalili (Associate Professor in Middle East Politics, SOAS, University of London)
232. Lida Hosseinnejad (Journalist)
233. Lila Fardadmehr (Student)
234. Lohrasb Zinali (Political Activist)
235. Maghsoud Ferasatkhah (Academic)
236. Mahdie Golrou (Political Activist)
237. Mahmoud Karimi Hakkak (Professor of Creative Arts, Theater, Siena College)
238. Mahmoud Reza Fakhrian (Political Activist)
239. Mahmoud Sadri (Professor of Sociology, Federation of North Texas University)
240. Mahvash Mohammadi (Political Activist)
241. Majid Kolsoumi (Political Activist)
242. Majid Nasirinejad (Student)
243. Majid Rostami (Political Activist)
244. Majid Sarachi (Human Rights Activist)
245. Majid Tamjidi (Social Activist)
246. Malihe Mohamadi (Republican Political Activist)
247. Malihe Zahtab (Republican Political Activist)
248. Mana Rezaiian (Student)
249. Maryam Ghorbani Far (Journalist)
250. Maryam Khazaeli (Scholar in Gender and Migration Studies, University of Wollongong)
251. Maryam Sharbatdar Ghods (Social Activist)
252. Maryam Soltani Rad (Students Rights Activist)
253. Marzie Amiri (Social Activist)
254. Marzie Arian Far (Political Activist)
255. Marzieh Azarafza (Womens Rights Activist)
256. Masoud Azari (Republican Political Activist)
257. Masoud Behnoud (Journalist)
258. Masoud Dabagh (Journalist)
259. Masoud Ghoreishi (Social Activist)
260. Masoud Habibi (Students Rights Activist)
261. Masoud Lavasani (Journalist)
262. Matin Meshkin (Political Activist)
263. Mazdak Nasiri (Social Activist)
264. Mehdi Aminzade (Political Activist)
265. Mehdi Aslzaim (Political Activist)
266. Mehdi Azari (Political Activist)
267. Mehdi Balkhari (Students Rights Activist)
268. Mehdi Eliyasi (Journalist)
269. Mehdi Hajati (Social Activist)
270. Mehdi Momken (Political Activist)
271. Mehdi Mouji (Student)
272. Mehdi Mozafari (Social Activist)
273. Mehdi Nakhl Ahmadi (Human Rights Activist)
274. Mehdi Nourbakhsh (Associate Professor at Harrisburg University)
275. Mehdi Nozari (Political Activist)
276. Mehdi Rohani (Students Rights Activist)
277. Mehdi Safarian (PhD Student)
278. Mehdi Sahar Khiz (Social Activist)
279. Mehdi Talghari Zade (Political Activist)
280. Mehdi Yar Mohammadi (Political Activist)
281. Mehran Faraji (Journalist)
282. Mehrdad Ahmadzade (Political Activist)
283. Mehrdad Aslani (Social Activist)
284. Mehrdad Azami (Student)
285. Mehrdad Ehsanipour (Political Activist)
286. Mehrzad Mahmoudian (Social Activist)
287. Meisam Motamednia (Human Rights Activist)
288. Meisam Vareh-chehr (Political Activist)
289. Milad Shaviklou (Political Activist)
290. Miland Hoseini Kashan (Students Rights Activist)
291. Mir Ardavan Asadi (Social Activist)
292. Misagh Javadpour (Students Rights Activist)
293. Mohamad Esmaeil Sahabeh Tabrizi (Political Activist)
294. Mohammad Arsi (Political Activist)
295. Mohammad Borghei (Academic and Political Activist)
296. Mohammad Ghaem Maghami (Political Activist)
297. Mohammad Gholam Abolfazl (Journalist)
298. Mohammad Hadi Mehran Pour (Student)
299. Mohammad Hafez Hakami (Political Activist)
300. Mohammad Hossein Kamali (Student)
301. Mohammad Hossein Khalili Ardekani (Former Member of the Parliment)
302. Mohammad Hossein Khorbak (Political Activist)
303. Mohammad Hosseini Far (Social Activist)
304. Mohammad Javab Mozafari (Political Activist)
305. Mohammad Javad Dord Keshan (Political Activist)
306. Mohammad Mirdamadi (Political Activist)
307. Mohammad Mohseni (Social Activist)
308. Mohammad Olyaeifard??? (Lawyer)
309. Mohammad Pour esmaili (Social and Political Activist)
310. Mohammad PourAbdollah (Political Activist)
311. Mohammad R. Moeini-Feizabadi (Visiting Faculty in Economics, Bard College at Simons Rock)
312. Mohammad reza Male Mir (Student)
313. Mohammad reza Sardari (Social Activist and Journalist)
314. Mohammad Reza Shafi Zade (Political Activist)
315. Mohammad Rezaii (Students Rights Activist)
316. Mohammad Sadeghi (Political Activist)
317. Mohammad Sahimi (Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Southern California)
318. Mohammad Sedighi (Political Activist)
319. Mohammad Shapourian (Political Activist)
320. Mohammad Sharifi (Political Activist)
321. Mohammad Shourab (Political Activist)
322. Mohsen Heydarian (Republican Political Activist)
323. Mohsen Minavi (Political Activist)
324. Mohsen Renani (Economist, Faculty at Isfahan University)
325. Mohsen Sohrabi (Students Rights Activist)
326. Mojgan Modares Olum (Journalist)
327. Mojtaba Najafi (Journalist)
328. Morteza Eslahchi (Political Activist)
329. Morteza Kazemian (Political Activist and Journalist)
330. Morteza Sadeghi (Political Activist)
331. Moslem Karkhi (Social Activist)
332. Mostafa Ahmadi (Republican Political Activist)
333. Mostafa Ghafouri (Students Rights Activist)
334. Mostafa Khosrabi (Political Activist)
335. Mostafa Nabizade (Social Activist)
336. Mostafa Raste Moghadam (Political Activist)
337. Mousa Saket (Political Activist)
338. Nader Hashemi (Faculty, University of Denver)
339. Nadre Rezaei (Political Activist)
340. Naeime Doustar (Womens Rights Activist)
341. Nafise nemati (Social Activist)
342. Nafise Sharifi (Student)
343. Nahid Molavi (Political Activist)
344. Narmin Heydarzade (Artist)
345. Naser Livani (Political Activist)
346. nasim Chalaki (Political Activist)
347. Nasim Khosravi (Womens Rights Activist)
348. Nasim Soltanbeygi (Journalist)
349. Navid Yousefian (Student)
350. Negin Bank (Social Activist)
351. Nejat Nahrami (Political Activist)
352. Niaz Salimi (Social Activist)
353. Niki Akhavan (Assistant Professor of Media Studies, Catholic University of America)
354. Nima Dehghani (Journalist)
355. Nima Smmaknejad (Student)
356. Nina Beik (Political Activist)
357. Oghab Ali Ahmadi (Publisher)
358. Oktay Hoseyni (Social Activist)
359. Omid Montazeri (Republican Political Activist)
360. Parastu Fakharian (Student)
361. Parastu Matinzadeh (Political Activist)
362. Parastu Saramdi (Womens Rights Activist)
363. Parisa Kakaee (Womens Rights Activist)
364. Parvin Bakhtiar Nejad (Journalist)
365. Parvin Kohzadi (Human Rights Activist)
366. Parviz Shahir (Political Activist)
367. Payam Oulad Azimi (Students Rights Activist)
368. Peyman Malaz (Political Activist)
369. Poune Maghul (Social Analyst)
370. Pouyan Mokari (Social Activist)
371. Poya Gholipour (Political Activist)
372. Poyan Chitgarzadeh (Social Activist)
373. Poyan Fakhraei (Journalist)
374. Poyesh Aziz Aldin (Social Activist)
375. Radin Saheli (Social Activist)
376. Rahil Adeli (Students Rights Activist)
377. Rahman Sadeghi (Republican Political Activist)
378. Rajab Ali Mazroei (Former Member of the Parliment)
379. Ramin Jahanbegloo (Associate Professor, York University)
380. Ramin karimian (Social Scientists)
381. Ramtin Ghafari (Political Activist)
382. Rashid Esmaeili (Researcher and Political Activist)
383. Raz Tokili (Student)
384. Reyahne Tabatabaei (Political Activist)
385. Reza Alijani (Political Activist)
386. Reza Bavafa (Political Activist)
387. Reza Fani Yazdi (Political Activist)
388. Reza Haji (Political Activist)
389. Reza Haji Hosseini (Journalist)
390. Reza Jafarian (Social and Political Activist)
391. Reza Joshani (Republican Political Activist)
392. Reza Karimi (Political Activist)
393. Reza Mir (Political Activist)
394. Reza Rafiei (Journalist)
395. Roham Afghani Khorasgani (Researcher)
396. Rohollah Rahimpour (Social Activist)
397. Rohollah Sahsavar (Blogger)
398. Rojin Mohamadi (Womens Rights Activist)
399. Roya Blouri (Womens Rights Activist)
400. Rozbeh Karimi (Journalist)
401. Rozbehan Amiri (Political Activist)
402. Saber Abasian (Political Activist)
403. Sadegh Shojaii (Political Activist)
404. Sadegh Soltani (Translator)
405. Sadegh Zibakalam (Associate Professor of Political Science, Tehran University)
406. Sadra Semnani Rahbar (Political Activist)
407. Sadra Shahab (Social Activist)
408. Saeed Aganji (Political Activist)
409. Saeed Askarzadeh (Students Rights Activist)
410. Saeed Dadgar (Cultural Activist)
411. Saeed Naderi (Political Activist)
412. Saeed Noormohamamdi (Political Activist)
413. Saeed Pourheydar (Journalist)
414. Saeed Shariati (Member of Central Council, Mosharekat Party)
415. Saeed Vafa (Political Activist)
416. Saeedeh Eslami (Journalist)
417. Saeedeh Kordinejad (Political Activist)
418. Saeedeh Sohrabi (Jurist)
419. Sahand Zamani (Political Activist)
420. Sajjede Arab Sorkhi (Social Activist)
421. Sajjede Kianoush Rad (Political Activist)
422. Salam Rasoli (Political Activist)
423. Samane Mousavi (Womens Rights Activist)
424. Sara Forutan (Students Rights Activist)
425. Sarang Hassanpour (Political Activist)
426. Sardar Ansari (Political Activist)
427. Sepide Kalantarian (Jurist)
428. Sepide Rajaei Rad (Womens Rights Activist)
429. Seyd Alaedin Jazayeri (Political Activist)
430. Seyd Saber Abtahi (Students Rights Activist)
431. Seyed Ahmad Shams (Political Activist)
432. Seyed Ali Azimi (Political Activist)
433. Seyed Alireza Seyed Haeri (Students Rights Activist)
434. Seyed Mohammad Barar (Architect)
435. Seyed Mostafa Rokhsefat (Kian Magazines editor in chief)
436. Shabedin Tabatabaei (Member of Central Council, Mosharekat Party)
437. Shahabedin Sheikhi (Journalist)
438. Shahin Nourbakhsh (Political Activist)
439. Shahin Zeinali (Journalist)
440. Shahram Tehrani (Republican Political Activist)
441. Shahroz Forotan Kia (Environmental Activist)
442. Sharzad AlemFathi (Social Activist)
443. Shila Kalami (Republican Political Activist)
444. Shima Hoshyar (Social Activist)
445. Shima Taghavi (Student)
446. Shirin Daghighian (Republican Political Activist)
447. Siavash Rezaeian (Political Activist)
448. Sima Shakhsar (Assistant Professor of Womens and Gender Studies, Wellesley College)
449. Soheil Gohari (Political Activist)
450. Soheil Jannesar (Student)
451. Soheila Vahdati (Independent Scholar and Human Rights Activist)
452. Sohrab Karimi (Students Rights Activist)
453. Somaye Rashidi (Womens Rights Activist)
454. Soroush dabagh (Visiting Faculty, Toronto University)
455. Sourena Hashemi (Political Activist)
456. Taghi Rahmani (Political Activist)
457. Taha Havakhor (Student)
458. Tahereh Samimi (Republican Political Activist)
459. Tahmasb Vaziri (Political Activist)
460. Tara Sepehrifar (Human Rights Activist)
461. Taymaz Azimi (PhD Student in Philosophy)
462. Tirdad Bonakdar (Political Activist)
463. Vahid Karimipour (Professor of Physics, Sharif university)
464. Yadi Ghorbani (Political Activist)
465. Yadollah Ghorbani (Republican Political Activist)
466. Yaser Masoumi (Political Activist)
467. Yaser Mirdamadi (Republican Political Activist)
468. Yervand Abrahamian (Distinguished Professor of Iranian and Middle Eastern History and Politics, Baruch College)
469. Yesna Rezaeian (Student)
470. Zahra Mozafari (Students Rights Activist)
471. Zeinab Esmaeil Zade (Human Rights Activist)
472. Zia Aabedi (Republican Political Activist)
473. Zia Abedi (Political Activist)
474. Ziba Mir hosseini (Professorial Research Associate, Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, SOAS, University of London)
475. Zohre Shakeri (Political Activist)

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