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Egypt's foreign minister defends deadly crackdown on Morsi supporters

Egypt's interim Foreign Minster Nabil Fahmy has defended the army's recent heavy-handed crackdown on thousands of the supporters of ousted president, Mohamed Morsi.
Speaking at a press conference in the capital Cairo, Fahmy said the interim government has exercised restraint in dealing with the protesters and will continue to do so.

Fahmy said the violence is meant to spread insecurity and shatter the foundation of the state, urging the international community to take a balanced stance on the developments in the crisis-hit North African country.
"It was all meant to intimidate citizens. It was meant to spread insecurity and shake the foundation of the state. None of these goals is acceptable and we stood up and we will continue to stand up to all these violent acts in accordance with the law; firmly, strictly and with prudence," Fahmy said on Sunday.
The top diplomat further expressed regret over the death of demonstrators.

The remarks come as supporters of Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood are preparing to hold fresh protests as the interim government is doing all it can to prevent them from regrouping. The Anti-Coup Alliance says several rallies are planned in Cairo later on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the cabinet, which is to hold a crisis meeting, has been intensifying its crackdown on pro-Morsi supporters.

Government prosecutors say they are investigating nearly 250 Muslim Brotherhood supporters for terrorism and murder.

Over 800 people, most of them pro-Morsi protesters, have been killed since Wednesday during nationwide rallies across the North African country. Also more than 1000 supporters of Muslim Brotherhood were arrested on Friday.

Egypt has been gripped by a bloody violence since Morsi's ouster by the army in early July.

By Press TV


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