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Thursday 15 August 2013
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Nasrallah: Int値 community equates victim with criminal

TEHRAN (Tasnim) The main problem with the international community is that it equates the victim with the criminal, Secretary General of Hezbollah Islamic Resistance Movement Seyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Wednesday.

典he problem is that the international community equalizes between the victim and the executioner and condemns Israel and us. It is our right not to keep silent after any violation of our land, and those Israeli violations are operational and have operational targets which cannot be tolerated, Nasrallah said in his Wednesday interview with Al-Manar TV.

The Lebanese Hezbollah leader further said that the greatest problem of the US and the West - and even a large number of Arab regimes - in their interactions with Hezbollah is that 努e are the resistance movement in particular.

Replying a question on Hezbollah's weapons during the 33-Day War, Nasrallah said, 溺any of the weapons we used were Syrian made. Since the beginning of the July war the Syrian army warehouses were open to the Lebanese resistance.

展e received our Kornets from Syria. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had even expressed readiness to get involved in the war against the Zionist entity, he said.

展e didn稚 receive weapons from Iran during the July war, because we didn稚 need them, he stressed.

Expressing sympathy with the Egyptian nation over Wednesday tragic events there, he said, 典oday we are sorry for what is happening in Egypt and are concerned about the matter. We always hope that the crisis there will resolve through dialogue and understanding.

He concluded the interview by saying that despite all regional developments, the time for defeat of the resistance forces is over.

泥espite everything, I confirm today that resistance is stronger than ever, and stronger than it was during the 33-Day War, Nasrallah assured everyone.

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