27 Feb 2024
A group of ministers dismissed Ahmadinejad's government along with some parliamentary representatives urged Iran's Supreme leader in a letter to deprive Ahmadinejad's government of its power and delegate it to a crisis committee, Iran newspaper has claimed

According to the State-run newspaper, the ministers have suggested the Supreme leader in their letter that "given the critical situation in the country, a staff consists of the heads of three branches and some other wise men be formed to assume the country's executive management in the remaining year of Ahmadinejad's presidency," DW reported.

Iran newspaper's claim is raised while Iranian media had reported three weeks ago that nine parliamentary representatives called the board in a letter suggesting that a staff consisting of "all government institutions with special powers be formed to manage the country's economy.

Considering a remaining year of Ahmadinejad's presidency, some observers consider the representatives' request of forming a new staff to manage economic decisions in a one-year period as an attempt to deprive Ahmadinejad's executive powers to the end of his presidency, BBC Persian said.

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