14 Jul 2024
The Iran Project : The Iranian Army chief commander has hailed great military achievements made by the country's young experts, saying the force has attained self-sufficiency in meeting its navigation needs in traversing the world's oceans.
Iran Army totally ‘self-reliant’ to meet all needs for ocean-going missions: Cmdr.
Iran Army totally ‘self-reliant’ to meet all needs for ocean-going missions: Cmdr.
According to The Iran Project, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi made the remarks while visiting in an exhibition showcasing the technological and scientific achievements and breakthroughs of the Iranian Navy, in the southern city of Sirjan in Kerman Province on Tuesday.

The top commander praised the exhibit as a corollary of unity between universities, knowledge-based institutions, scientific elites and Iran’s Navy.

“In this exhibition, what the Navy needs in the logistics and support sector for crossing the oceans has been built via cooperation, which is a great success as we have achieved accomplishments that we thought were impossible [to be attained],” Mousavi said.

“In seafaring, we needed many things but we had gotten used to their absence or we thought it was not possible to have them,” he added. “Now, not only the needs have been met, but we have also acquired more capabilities, and through interaction in different sectors coupled with cooperation of the elites, the requirements have been met for a better, more powerful performance in oceanic missions.”

The Army chief also underlined that Iran’s Armed Forces have made the same progress in all fields and areas.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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