22 Jul 2024
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Pardis Technology Park to be changed to Iran International Innovation Zone

The Iran Project : Iran’s Vice President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy Ruhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi says the name and nature of the country’s first and biggest technology park, Pardis, will be changed to Iran International Innovation Zone.
Pardis Technology Park to be changed to Iran International Innovation Zone
Pardis Technology Park to be changed to Iran International Innovation Zone
According to The Iran Project, speaking at a press conference in Tehran, Dehghani noted that six month ago a proposal was presented by the Center for Strategic Studies of the vice presidency  to late president Ebrahim Raisi to create an international innovation zone like many countries in the world.

Dehghani said the president agreed to the proposal and now the Pardis Technology Park will be upgraded in terms of physical appearance, roof and grounds as well as legal facilities so that it can change its nature into an international innovation zone.

He said one of the valuable achievements of the 13th administration was the creation of infrastructure for the development and advancement of technologies in the future.

The vice president also pointed to the existence of brainware capacity and educated manpower in Iran and the necessity of paying special attention to the field of emerging technologies.

He said moving toward the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive sciences, connectivity, information and communication, digital economy, etc. can be a special opportunity for the top clubs and for the progress of the country.

The vice president  announced the launch of the National Artificial Intelligence Organization building on Tuesday, July 9, in the presence of the acting president.

Dehghani said the launch of this complex and the formation of the council had been approved recently.

He underlined that the regulations for the promotion of think tanks have been compiled and so far nearly 10 groups have received certificates that confirm they are knowledge-based entities.
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