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US has no decision yet to negotiate with Iran: White House

The Iran Project : US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby says there is no decision yet to negotiate with Tehran despite the election of a new president in Iran, adding that Washington is waiting to see what the new Iranian president wants to do.
US has no decision yet to negotiate with Iran: White House
US has no decision yet to negotiate with Iran: White House
According to The Iran Project,  Kirby, the spokesman and coordinator of strategic communications of the White House on Monday local time told reporters in response to a question about whether the US is ready to negotiate on the nuclear deal or resume other negotiations considering that Iran has a new president? He said: "No".

The reporter asked him to speak louder, and Kirby repeated his "no" again and continued: “We are not in a position to return to the negotiating table just because Iran has a new president”.

Pointing that there has been no shift in Washington's position, Kirbi repeated anti-Iran rhetoric and claimed that Iran continues to support terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis (Yemen's Ansarullah).

When he  asked if the White House is considering flexibility in its position regarding the election of a new president in Iran, Kirby added that we should see what the new president of Iran wants to do, however, we should not expect a change in Iran's approach.

The US government has maintained its hard stance toward Iran and recently even issued intervisits remarks on Iran’s internal affairs claiming that the elections in Iran were not free and fair, and said that the results of the elections will not have a significant impact on the approach of the US towar Iran.

A US State Department spokesman also claimed on Saturday local time in the first reaction to the results of the Iranian presidential runoff that it was not "free or fair" and "will not lead to a fundamental change in Iran's path".

"Our concerns about Iran's behavior have not changed. "Meanwhile, as long as diplomacy advances America's interests, we remain committed to diplomacy." The spokesman told the American media:
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