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Album featuring Iranian traditional music unveiled in Isfahan

The Iran Project : The music album "Haal-e Bostan" by Master Fazlollah Shahzamani, a renowned veteran vocalist from the Isfahan School of Music, was unveiled in Isfahan on Wednesday.
Album featuring Iranian traditional music unveiled in Isfahan
Album featuring Iranian traditional music unveiled in Isfahan
According to The Iran Project, organized by the Isfahan Municipality's Music Department, the event was attended by local artists and music lovers.

During the ceremony Mansour Azamikia, a researcher, traditional music expert, and vocalist from the Isfahan School of Music emphasized that an artist's identity is shaped by three key factors, his school of thought, personal style, and musical content. 

He added that these principles are applicable to all seven arts and that they enable artists to stand out as contemporaries or predecessors. He also highlighted the significance of Master Shahzamani's artistic career as a representation of the Isfahan School of Music's identity, style, and content.

The evening continued with a documentary about Shahzamani's life and career, followed by his own speech in which he spoke about his love and passion for Iranian music.

The program then featured a special performance by Master Shahzamani's students, featuring celebrated vocalist brothers Ali and Mohammad Saeidi, accompanied by an ensemble of renowned musicians, including Amir Mehdi Moqaddam on oud, Siavash Abedzadeh on tar, Amir Mohammadzadeh on kamancheh, and Iman Bohloul on tombak.

Fazlollah Shahzamani was born in 1950 in Isfahan, Iran. He graduated from the Isfahan School of Music under the guidance of renowned masters Hossein Yavari and Jalal Taj-e Esfahani. With over four decades of experience, Shahzamani has been teaching Iranian music since the 1970s and has also composed music for various cultural events. One of his notable works is "Iran," which was produced during the Iran-Iraq War and broadcast on radio. He retired from the Isfahan center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

The album "Haal-e Bostan" showcases Shahzamani's masterpieces, accompanied by talented artists from Isfahan, including Hassan Mansouri, Misih Kaboutari, Masoud Kaboutari, Abbas Alikhani, Mohammad Golastaneh Zadeh, and Majid Hesabi.

Photo: Fazlollah Shahzamani gives a speech during the unveiling ceremony of his latest music album in Isfahan on June 19, 2024. 
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