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Iran hosting 6 million Afghans at annual cost of $10 billion

The Iran Project : Iran’s ambassador to the UN has highlighted the country’s efforts to deal with extremism and underdevelopment in Afghanistan, saying Iran is ready to play an active role in the neighboring country’s reconstruction.
Iran hosting 6 million Afghans at annual cost of $10 billion: UN envoy
Iran hosting 6 million Afghans at annual cost of $10 billion: UN envoy
According to The Iran Project, Amir Saeid Iravani made the remarks at a UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Afghanistan and the urgency of providing humanitarian aid to the conflict-ridden country.

“Afghanistan continues to face severe economic and humanitarian crises, worsened by a significant reduction in international aid. This situation is profoundly affecting many people, particularly women and children,” Iravani said.

UN estimates show 23.7 million Afghans will need humanitarian assistance in 2024, he added.

Afghanistan is still reeling from a decades-long US occupation and its hasty withdrawal which resulted in the country's lightning takeover by the Taliban.

Iravani asserted that any “politicization of aid” will harm the Afghan people. “Iran advocates for addressing extremism, terrorism and underdevelopment in Afghanistan, and stands ready to play an active role in its reconstruction.”

He said Tehran continues economic and commercial ties with Afghanistan to promote peace and stability and strengthen the Afghan economy.

“Terrorist threats from within Afghanistan continue to pose significant concerns. Iran doubts the de facto authorities’ ability to combat these threats effectively,” Iravani said. “Continuous international engagement with De facto authorities is crucial for regional peace and stability.”

The Iranian envoy also noted that instability affects neighboring countries and highlighted the need for regional and international cooperation and engagement.

“Iran remains committed to supporting Afghanistan, keeping its borders open to Afghan displaced and refugees during critical times and challenges the Afghan people faced, and hosting more than six million Afghans at an annual cost of 10 billion dollars despite sanctions,” Iravani said, adding that Iran has provided education to 700,000 Afghan students residing in Iran.
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