22 Jul 2024
Saturday 22 June 2024 - 18:00
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Cuba joins South Africa in pursuing lawsuit against Israel

The Iran Project : Cuba has declared its decision to join the November lawsuit filed by South Africa at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against the Israeli regime’s genocidal acts in the Gaza Strip.
Cuba joins South Africa in pursuing lawsuit against Israel
Cuba joins South Africa in pursuing lawsuit against Israel
According to The Iran Project, Cuban Foreign Ministry announced its decision early on Saturday, saying the decision was taken in line with international efforts to cease genocide in Gaza, Havana Radio reported.

The Cuban government, in conformity with article 63 of the ICJ genocide convention, uses its right as a third country to join the case of anti-Israel lawsuit at the international court.

Cuba has described Israel as an occupier that ignores its commitments to the Fourth Geneva Convention, which says “Civilians in areas of armed conflict and occupied territories are protected.”

Today, the global community does not tolerate genocide, apartheid, forcible displacement and collective punishment, Havana says.

South Africa filed a complaint with the ICJ in November to hold the Zionist regime accountable for its war crimes in Gaza.

The ICJ’s initial ruling in January 2024, ordered the Israeli regime to not take genocidal acts in Gaza.

Also, the International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Karim Khan has called for arrest of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his war crimes and crimes against humanity.

If the ICC judges accept the call, 124 member states of the international court are obliged to arrest him.

Since the start of the Israeli war on Gaza, over 37,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed in the enclave.
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