22 Jul 2024
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Iran’s internet speed increased this year amid better controls

The Iran Project : The internet speed in Iran has increased steadily in the past months, according to data by an international monitoring website, amid better government oversight on the quality of services offered by network operators.
Iran reports better internet speeds amid increasing government controls on quality of services.
Iran reports better internet speeds amid increasing government controls on quality of services.
According to The Iran Project, the official IRNA news agency cited data from speedtest.com in a report on Tuesday which indicated that fixed and mobile internet speed had increased in Iran in May by some 20% compared to early 2024.

The data showed that speed of mobile internet had reached an average of 37.36 megabits per second (mbps) in May, up from 32.77 mbps in January.

They showed that fixed internet had been available to users at a speed of 15.28 mbps, up from January's 13.59 mbps.

The IRNA report said the boost in internet speed in Iran had been made possible because of better controls on service providers by the country’s telecoms ministry.

It said Iran’s telecoms regulator had accepted internet price rises demanded by service providers in January on the condition that they improve the quality and speed of their services, adding that the controversial 34% increase in service prices had ended the benefit of mobile and fixed internet users in Iran.

In the meantime, the Iranian telecoms ministry also launched its own internet quality monitoring platform to better supervise the operators and their services, the report said.

Speedtest data showed that Iran had moved up three places to 73rd in the global ranking of countries with regard to mobile internet speed in May. 

On fixed internet, the country moved up two places to 154th in the ranking, the data showed.
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