23 Jun 2024
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Iran envoy blames US for today’s problems in Afghanistan

The Iran Project : Iran’s top envoy to Afghanistan Hassan Kazemi Qomi says the United States is responsible for the current situation in Afghanistan, adding that the Afghans will experience stability and calm once the US stops helping and abetting terrorism in their country.
Iran envoy blames US for today’s problems in Afghanistan
Iran envoy blames US for today’s problems in Afghanistan
According to The Iran Project, Kazemi Qomi, who is Iranian president’s special envoy on the affairs of Afghanistan, said on Saturday that members of a Regional Contact Committee on Afghanistan who held a meeting in Tehran earlier in the day, agreed that the US must be held accountable for what is happening in Afghanistan, including for its efforts meant to destabilize the country years after the end of the occupation. 

“The fact that they (Americans) occupy a country without any mandate and then create problems for the people and government of that country and even continue to carry out evil acts in this country, that cannot be right,” he said in a press conference after the meeting. 

Representatives from Iran, Russia, Pakistan and China attended the Regional Contact Committee meeting on Afghanistan in Tehran on Saturday. 

The meeting mainly focused on terrorism in Afghanistan and its impacts on regional countries. 

Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban government was not represented in the meeting, said Kazemi Qomi, as he regretted that authorities in Kabul had failed to use the opportunity to attend the discussions of the Committee. 

He said Iran will be represented in a future conference on Afghanistan in the Qatari capital Doha, adding that Iran will welcome any effort that will lead to more stability and improved security in Afghanistan. 
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