18 Jul 2024
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UN envoy denies use of Iranian drones at Serbia border

The Iran Project : Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations dismissed the allegation made by the president of Kosovo that the Republic of Serbia has used Iranian drones at the Serbia border.
Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations Saeed Iravani
Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations Saeed Iravani
According to The Iran Project, n a letter to President of the UN Security Council Pedro Comissario Afonso and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on May 24, Saeed Iravani categorically rejected the accusation leveled by President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani against Iran.

“I am writing to you regarding the UN Security Council meeting held on 22 April 2024 regarding the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (S/PV.9612). During the meeting, Ms. Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu, who was invited under Rule 39 of the Security Council’s provisional rules of procedure, alleged that the Republic of Serbia used Iranian drones at the Serbia border,” Iravani said.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran categorically rejects this unfounded claim, which was also denied by the President of Serbia during the meeting. Iran has not exported any drones to the Republic of Serbia, although there are no restrictive measures on such exports. Moreover, Iran evaluates each country's official request for UAVs or other kinds of weapons to ensure compliance with its stringent domestic and national arms export regulations, including requiring end-user certificates to prevent misuse or diversion of these weapons. Consequently, all Iranian arms exports are conducted legally and strictly in line with its international obligations and commitments,” the envoy stressed.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to reject once more the identical allegations made against my country by the representatives of France, the United Kingdom, and the United States in the UN Security Council meeting held on 20 May 2024 under the agenda item ‘Threats to international peace and security’ (S/PV.9629). Contrary to unfounded claims, the Islamic Republic of Iran has constantly taken a stance of impartiality since the outset of the Ukraine conflict and this principled position remains unchanged.  Therefore, any claim regarding Iran’s involvement in the sale, export, or transfer of arms to the Russian Federation in contravention of its international obligations is completely unfounded and categorically rejected,” the Iranian ambassador added.

The envoy called for the circulation of the letter as a document of the Security Council.
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