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Iran FM spox rejects Argentine court's ruling on AMIA

The Iran Project : Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman dismissed a ruling by an Argentine court that blames Iran for two bomb blasts in the country during the 1990s, labeling the claims in the verdict as unsubstantiated and politically motivated.
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kannaani
According to The Iran Project,"From Iran's perspective, the court's involvement in the AMIA building explosion case and its final judgment on the motives and primary causes of the blast is premature and lacks legal-judicial wisdom," Nasser Kan'ani said on Wednesday, Press TV reported.

He was referencing a recent ruling by Argentina's Court of Cassation, which attributed responsibility for the dual attacks on Israel's embassy and the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) Jewish center in Buenos Aires to Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah movement.

The ruling, as reported by the press, alleged that Iran orchestrated the 1992 attack on Israel's embassy and the 1994 bombing of the AMIA center.

The spokesperson argued that the ruling represents an effort to misdirect the investigation's course to uncover the truth, as the case regarding the explosions is currently under review in another court.

"This demonstrates the execution of a new political project by the adversaries of the Islamic Republic of Iran, notably the Zionist regime," he asserted.

The spokesperson highlighted that for the past thirty years, Iran has endorsed any constructive initiative to ascertain the truth behind the incident, including signing a memorandum of understanding with the Argentine government to establish a joint investigative commission.

“Unfortunately, the aforementioned actions have remained fruitless and have not achieved any result due to actions by those who have not sought to discover the truth and have always sacrificed the execution of justice for their political and partisan objectives within Argentina,” he said.

The spokesperson cautioned that the Israeli regime has repeatedly tried to shift focus from its genocide in Gaza, insinuating that it may have influenced the recent ruling.

"It is evident to all that in recent months, the Zionist regime has faced global condemnation for committing war crimes and the heinous killing of civilians, particularly Palestinian children and women in the Gaza Strip … [and is attempting] to distract the international community from its offenses in various ways."

The 1992 and 1994 bombings in Argentina remain unclaimed and unresolved, although Israel has persistently accused Iran of involvement.

Argentina has cultivated strong ties with Israel under President Javier Milei, who has emerged as a fervent supporter of the regime.

Milei has backed the Israeli regime's continued actions against Gaza, in contrast to most other Latin American leaders who have either cut ties with the regime or withdrawn their envoys from Tel Aviv.

Milei also recently declared that Argentina would join the few countries that have relocated their embassy in the Israeli-occupied territories from Tel Aviv to Al-Quds.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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