27 May 2024
Wednesday 10 April 2024 - 20:54
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Source : IRNA

French FM proposes sanctioning Israel to allow aid into Gaza

The Iran Project : The French foreign minister has stressed the importance of applying pressure, including the possibility of sanctions, on the Israeli regime to facilitate the opening of Gaza crossings.
French foreign minister, Stephane Sejourne
French foreign minister, Stephane Sejourne
According to The Iran Project,Stephane Sejourne stated on Tuesday that various measures, including sanctions, should be considered to facilitate the passage of humanitarian assistance through checkpoints into the Gaza Strip.

The minister noted that France was among the first states to suggest imposing European Union sanctions on Israeli settlers engaging in violent activities in the West Bank.

Sejourne reiterated France's commitment to pursue such actions, if necessary, in order to secure the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian nation.

His remarks highlighted the importance of leveraging multiple mechanisms to influence the regime’s policies regarding the opening of crossings for humanitarian relief.

He emphasized the need for ongoing efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza through diplomatic and potentially punitive measures.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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