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Iran Army:

Farvardin 12 beginning of Iranian independence, freedom

The Iran Project : The Iran Army announced in a statement that April 1st is the beginning of the Iranian achievement of independence, freedom, and liberation from domestic tyranny and foreign arrogance after a long period.
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According to The Iran Project,Iran Army made a statement on Farvardin 12 (April 1), known as the “Islamic Republic Day”.

April 1st. 1979 is a determining and lasting day in the history of Islamic Iran. The day when the nation established a new governance model based on religious democracy under the title "Islamic Republic of Iran" with a decisive vote of more than 98%.

"Islamic Republic Day” is the beginning of the Iranian people's achievement of independence, freedom, and liberation from domestic tyranny and foreign arrogance after a long and historic period of struggle against tyranny and foreign-affiliated systems, which was achieved in the light of the struggle of the Shia clergy and the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini (RA).

The Islamic Establishment has been hated by its enemies since the beginning and has faced all kinds of conspiracies and seditions, including imposed war, terror, economic sanctions, cultural invasion, and political pressures, but the Iranian nation, relying on Islamic teachings, under the leadership of mam Khomeini and Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei resisted against the enemies of the revolution and remained firm on the causes of the Islamic Establishment.

Islamic Establishment has achieved great achievements in various fields of science and technology, defense and security, medicine and construction through the stages of revolution and system building, and made Iran proud.

This holy system which is the result of the blood of thousands of martyrs and the struggle of the fighters on the path of God, with the help of the Almighty God, the guidance of the wise leader of the Islamic Revolution, and the vigilance of the informed nation of Iran will prevent the conspiracies of the enemies, which have emerged today in mixed and cognitive dimensions and forms and in the second phase of the Islamic Revolution will accelerate the path of building a new Islamic civilization, the path of honor, excellence and progress.

The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran commemorates April 1st and declares that will protect and guard the Islamic Establishment under the command of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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