18 Jul 2024
Sunday 10 March 2024 - 17:29
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Source : IRNA

BRICS sets up anti-money laundering working group: Iran official

The Iran Project : An Iranian official with the Ministry of Economy has confirmed that the BRICS group of emerging economies set up an anti-money laundering council nearly three months ago.
BRICS group
BRICS group
According to The Iran Project,Hadi Khani, head of the financial information center of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, told IRNA's correspondent on Sunday that the council is composed of chairpersons of departments for money laundering or chiefs of financial information centers of the member states.

The Council for Combating Money Laundering has convened three times up to now, he said, noting that the members discussed its secretariat as well as interaction and cooperation to reach objectives regarding the campaign against money laundering and terrorism financing.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is an active member of the council as a result of efforts made by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, and the Anti-Money Laundering High Council, he said.

The council is operational now and its next meeting is scheduled to be held in Russia in April, Khani said, underlining that the member states try to turn the council into a mechanism that will actively secure the interests of the members.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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