23 May 2024
Sunday 3 March 2024 - 17:35
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Source : IRNA

‘Tehran Paris Tehran’ top-grossing theater of Iran’s 1402

The Iran Project : The drama “Tehran Paris Tehran” is announced to have been the best-selling show of the current Iranian year, which will end on March 19, by selling tickets worth seventy billion rials (approximately 140,000 US dollars).
Tehran,Paris,Tehran theater
Tehran,Paris,Tehran theater
According to The Iran Project,Directed by Saeed Dashti and produced by Sam Beheshtyar, the drama has been shown for the last five months of the year without reproduction, as reported by IRNA on Sunday.

The theater tells the story of a young girl named Sara, who travels from Tehran to Paris to seek revenge for her father’s murder. Upon returning to Tehran, she becomes entangled in a complicated narrative.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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