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Iran oil minister:

Gas industry development requires depoliticizing energy trade

The Iran Project : Iran’s oil minister said international peace and de-politicization of the energy trade are key factors in the development of the gas industry and materialization of the security of supply of natural gas in the global market.
Iran oil minister owji
Iran oil minister owji
According to The Iran Project,Speaking at the extraordinary ministerial meeting of the 7th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) held in Algiers, Javad Owji said geopolitical tensions and unilateral and multilateral sanctions are against principles of energy security.

He added that the people in the developing countries are the main victims of any threat to the energy security.

He went on to say that the regional and geopolitical developments, that took place in the recent two years, have shown that natural gas and its international trade are still considered vital factors in the security of the energy of the human communities in the world.

The oil minister emphasized that promoting the status of the forum in the world’s gas market and playing a more effective role is an inevitable necessity for the growth and development of developing countries.

He also suggested that the cooperation of member states of the forum should be improved at technical levels.

Iran’s oil minister invited member states to take part in the 26th Ministerial Meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum which is slated to be held in Iran late in 2024.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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