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Envoy: US supporting venezuelan opposition

Envoy: US supporting venezuelan opposition
TEHRAN (FNA)- Venezuelan Ambassador to Tehran Amenhotep Zambrano blasted the US for supporting the opposition forces against the democratically-elected President, Nicolas Maduro, and said Washington is acting against the Venezuelan people's will.

"The opposition and the US strenuously tried to win the elections in Venezuela (but they failed) and now the victory of Mr. Maduro has been recognized by the whole world except the Venezuelan opposition and the US," Zambrano told FNA on Saturday.

Noting that the opposition has disrespected Venezuela's constitution, he said, "The US has stood beside the opposition against (the will of the) people and democracy."

In relevant remarks, Maduro stressed in June that Venezuelans have an independent country that does not bow to any superpower.

Maduro made the remarks at an event held in Valencia, capital of Central Carabobo state, to mark the 192nd anniversary of a historic battle for independence.

"We have a true homeland, because we have a country with men and women educated with the values of (independence hero Simon) Bolivar. We have a true homeland, because we have an independent republic that does not kneel in front of any empire in the world," he said.

The Battle of Carabobo cinched Venezuela's victory in its struggle for independence from colonial Spain.

Venezuelans "can today commemorate the glories of that immortal battle as a free and independent nation on the road to socialism," said Maduro.

The Venezuelan president denounced what he described as the right-wing's intention to once again deliver the country into the hands of transnational companies, after "demoralizing our people" through a campaign that "minimizes our idea of a homeland".

By Fars News Agency


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