19 Apr 2024
Sunday 25 February 2024 - 14:24
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Source : IRNA

IMF raises Iran 2024 economic growth outlook, cites oil production surge

The Iran Project : The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has increased its outlook of economic growth in Iran for 2024, attributing it to a surge in the country’s oil production.
Iran 2024 economic growth
Iran 2024 economic growth
According to The Iran Project,In its latest report on Iran published on February 22, the IMF predicted a 3.7% economic growth for the country in 2024, which is higher than the previously expected figure, according to a report by the IRNA on Sunday.

In its previous report, which was released in October 2023, the IMF had predicted a 2.5% economic growth for Iran in 2024.

The financial agency has attributed the growth in the economic outlook to a surge in Iran’s oil production, which it said surpassed 2.7 million barrels per day so far in 2024.   

Also according to the IMF statistics, Iran’s economy grew 5.4% in 2023, much higher than the 3-percent growth predicted for that year.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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