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How to change TV reporter while watching football match?

The Iran Project : The new feature of selecting the reporter's voice for sports matches has been implemented in the Iranian channels "IRIB TV3" and "Sports".
How to change TV reporter while watching football match?
How to change TV reporter while watching football match?
According to The Iran Project, the head of the production and technical center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting announced the new measure of this center to benefit all audiences from TV programs.

Since all Iranians have the right to benefit from television programs, we decided to provide the necessary platform for the possibility of using television programs for visually impaired people, Seyyed Razi stated.

Referring to the preliminary studies and necessary designs, he pointed out that basic measures were taken to send two separate sounds to Nodal and terrestrial and satellite broadcasting.

He went on to say that each video enjoys a primary sound and we enabled a second sound by creating an independent sound channel.

In the second voice, in addition to the main voice of the video, a voice is added that provides explanations about the film and describes the space and situation for
the visually impaired persons, he added.

 This is the first time that an independent audio line is used to describe the film scenes for the use of visually impaired individuals and the sound (main sound and explanatory sound) can be received in stereo with two bands, he said.

This plan was initially implemented in the Channel "Namayesh" - Persian word for show -, Seyyed Razi noted stressing that the new movies on this channel have an independent sound channel (the second channel) that the scenes of the movie are described for the visually impaired audience.

کلید Audio روی کنترل تلويزيون برای انتخاب گزارشگر دوم، در گزارش های ورزشی جديد سیما

This feature is enabled by activating the Audio option on the TV and digital receivers, and the audience can choose the second voice in this way.

This is the first time that this possibility provided by IRIB and this has been activated for IRIB TV3 and Sports channels, the official underlined.

"For example, a football match can be selected and received with the voice of one reporter at the venue and the voice of the second reporter who is present in the studio."

گزارشگران فوتبال سیما، جواد خیابانی

It should be noted that visually impaired individuals can watch the movie on Namaysh Channel from the 15th of February.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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