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Ireland raps US abuse of veto power at UNSC

The Iran Project : Ireland's foreign minister Micheal Martin has hit out at the United States for its excessive abuse of veto in the UN Security Council, saying that such power of five countries has no place at the world body in the 21st century.
Ireland's foreign minister Micheal Martin
According to The Iran Project,According to an Anadolu Agency report, Martin was reacting on the misuse if the veto power during his speech at the Munich security conference in Germany.

He particular pointed out that the United States used its veto privilege in the United Nations on several occasions to prevent the establishment of a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

"Veto era is finished and must be removed because it is taking us backward in the course of history”, the top Irish diplomat emphasized.
Martin also said that the existence of the veto power has made the Security Council ineffective, saying the resolutions issued by the Security Council regarding Gaza were weak showing a tremendous failure for this Council.

Ireland’s foreign minister has time and again called for a “durable humanitarian ceasefire” and full respect for international humanitarian law in Gaza.

He recently stressed that Gaza’s civilian population “cannot be allowed to suffer further.”
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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