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AU leaders condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza

The Iran Project : African Union leaders in their meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Saturday slammed the Israeli regime for its ongoing massacre of Palestinians and demanded an immediate end to the war on the besieged Gaza Strip.
African Union leaders
African Union leaders
According to The Iran Project,During their speeches, African leaders, including Moussa Faki, the head of the African Union Commission, and Ghazali Osmani, the president of the Comoros and the former head of the African Union, called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, according to the TART news website.

“We strongly condemn the brutal Israeli attacks on the people of Gaza, which are unprecedented in the history of mankind”, Faki emphasized while announcing the solidarity of the African Union countries with the Palestinian people.

Osmani, in his speech to the bloc leaders, while praising South Africa's genocide complaint against the Zionist regime in the International Court of Justice, expressed sorrow over the brutalities the people of Gaza continue to face.

"Unfortunately, the Israeli army keeps committing crimes and genocide in Gaza before our eyes," he warned.

Emphasizing that the international community cannot close its eyes to the crimes being committed in Gaza, Osmani noted that these crimes will disastrous consequences even for the rest of the world.

During the 37th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union Heads of State and Government, President of Mauritania, Mohamed Ghazouani, was elected as the new chairman of the bloc for 2024.

African leaders have overwhelmingly stood firmly behind Palestinians and their cause since the creation of the Zionist regime in Occupied Palestine. They have also openly censured the regime for spilling the blood of innocent  and defenseless Palestinians in the Gaza Strip for over the last four months.
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