22 Feb 2024
Wednesday 7 February 2024 - 15:45
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Source : IRNA

Nearly half of Russians optimist on Iran-made cars: Poll

The Iran Project : Some 48% of Russians believe that Iran-made vehicles can gain the trust of Russian customers in the market, a study has found.
Iran-made cars
Iran-made cars
According to The Iran Project,VTB, Russia's second-largest bank, and the country’s Otkritie Avto Institute has conducted a poll whose results have been submitted to IRNA.

The survey questioned the opinions of 1,457 Russian citizens aged 18 to 65.

The respondents were asked about the quality of the automobiles manufactured by the Iranians.

Some 14% of Russians who took part in the survey also predict a good future for Iranian cars in the Russian market due to the low price.
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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