22 Feb 2024
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Tehran to play host to intl. environmental exhibition

The Iran Project : The 21st International Environmental Exhibition will be held in Tehran from March 3 to 6.
Tehran to play host to intl. environmental exhibition
Tehran to play host to intl. environmental exhibition
According to The Iran Project,The event will showcase new environmental facilities and technologies in the air, water, soil management, and other sectors, particularly the products of knowledge-based companies, Mehr news agency reported.

Also, management of energy efficiency and renewable energies, recycling and waste management, urban management, monitoring and implementing environmental projects, electronic banking, research projects, and environmental protection services, measuring, control, and laboratory technologies are among the most important fields in the exhibition.

Public transportation and optimizing fuel consumption, current environmental standards in various fields, environmental measures of industries, preservation of natural resources, green construction, eco-friendly building, water and sewage management, and other technical, engineering, and technological fields will be also in focus.

One of the obvious and main points of this event will provide opportunities and appropriate fields for investment in national and knowledge-based productions in the field of environment.

Environmental protection is a public duty

Environmental protection is a public duty. Tackling environmental problems requires the participation of the government, the private sector, as well as people.

Within the last decades, environmental problems have greatly affected nature and people’s lives. Air pollution, as a man-made problem originating from economic and industrial factors, accounts for millions of deaths every year.

Human activities with wide-ranging social effects have changed the environment adversely; by disturbing the balance in nature, some issues like pollution have become extremely critical.

The Department of Environment by developing environment houses aims to deal with the country's environmental challenges and needs through improving the process of scientific and knowledge-based research.

It also seeks to improve the individual, organizational, and managerial capacities of innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, students, and academic faculty members of universities.

In industrial and densely populated cities, while identifying technological methods and providing local constructive solutions for maintaining the balance of ecosystems and preventing pollution and environmental destruction, the environment houses will help to reduce air pollution in the country.

Intl. Conference on conservation of environment

The fourth international conference on the conservation of environment and natural resources will open tomorrow in the northwestern city of Ardabil and will run for two days.

Protection and restoration of forest ecosystems; forest health and biodiversity; ecological approach to forests and pastures management; climate change; environmental hazards and ecological resilience; assessing, modeling, and managing water, soil, and plant resources; remote sensing and geographic information systems; community-based forests and pastures management; laws, rights and natural resources governance; environment and socio-economic issues; environmental and civil engineering; sustainable urban, rural, and ecotourism development; biosecurity and environmentally-friendly agriculture; and green investment, management and supply of raw materials for wood and paper industries are the main objectives of this conference.
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