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Monday 11 December 2023 - 17:37
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Iran mulls transferring IKCO & SAIPA to private sector

The Iran Project : Regarding the privatization of car manufacturers, we are examining investors' requests for transferring the concessions of Iran Khodro and SAIPA companies, an official with Iran’s Industries Development and Modernization Organization.
Iran mulls transferring IKCO & SAIPA to private sector
Iran mulls transferring IKCO & SAIPA to private sector
According to The Iran Project, Babak Ahmadi, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Organization for the Development and Modernization of Iranian Industries, stated, “To hand over car manufacturers to the private sector, we should examine the qualifications of investors.”

And also after transferring, we need to monitor and control so that the investor fulfills his/her obligations, he added.

The automobile industry is one of the country’s wealth, people may not be satisfied enough with the quality of the products, but this industry does not even exist in the countries of our region, he said.

And even in Turkey, they produce car parts, but they have not yet reached the mass production of cars, Ahmadi added.

In line with the implementation of the 8-point order of the President, the process of privatization of car manufacturers is underway, he noted.

Ahmadi went on to reiterated that investors have submitted applications, some of them are private sector automakers, and we are reviewing the applications.

In these transfers, the issue of stable employment and non-stop production and product development should be considered, the official stressed.

Referring to the roadmap of car industry, Ahmadi concluded that, “the car manufacturers should focus of electric cars and all the departments of the Ministry of industry commissioned with providing necessary facilitations for producing electric cars.”
Reporter : Fatemeh Khoshroo
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