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Iran’s taxi fleet receives 88 all-electric cars

The Iran Project : Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade announced the delivery of 88 all-electric cars to the country’s Taxi Organization.
Iran’s taxi fleet receives 88 all-electric cars
Iran’s taxi fleet receives 88 all-electric cars
According to The Iran Project, Abbas Aliabadi made the announcement at the unveiling ceremony of the first all-electric car with a national license plate.

One of the most important advantages of electric cars is the variety of fuel use and also the use of green energies, along with the advantage of reducing fuel and energy consumption, the minister said.

While expressing his satisfaction over the entering of first all-electric vehicles into the country's taxi fleet, he called this day a blessed day.

Today's ceremony and the delivery of the first electric cars to the country's taxi industry is a very good move, he added.

Besides, we know that other car manufacturers of the country are also working in this field and soon we will have more electric cars in the product portfolio of car manufacturers, he noted.

Car manufacturers are trying to enter new electric cars to taxi fleets every week, he stressed.

But in fact, we are at a stage where we need to get acquainted with the culture of using electric cars, emphasizing the need to education in this area through schools, universities and the cooperation of all institutions of the country, Aliabadi concluded.
Reporter : Fatemeh Khoshroo
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