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Iran calls on automakers to set new product development

The Iran Project : The Director General of the Automobile Industries Office of the Ministry of Industry says the ministry is pursuing Incentive policies to encourage Iranian automakers to develop new products.
Iran calls on automakers to set new product development
Iran calls on automakers to set new product development
According to The Iran Project, Abdollah Tavakoli Lahijani stated that the assembled cars are not much different from the imported ones, therefore the tariff of their spare parts shouldn’t differ too.

In June, the government notified a circular on tariff reforms (354) to the industry ministry, which was included the reduction and increase in the commercial profit of imported cars; After the beginning of November, the turn has come to assembled cars and the full details of the import tariff for their spare parts were approved by the government.

According to the said enactment, commercial profits increased between 13 and 35 percent for all types of cars, depending on the level of internalization and engine volume and this is while this profit for passenger cars with a volume of less than 1500 cc, but the amount of internalization of 50% and more, either did not change or decreased by five percent.

Based on this, regarding the emphasis of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, if the car manufacturers make progress in increasing the depth of f internal manufacturing, the import tariff for spare parts would concidered lower for them.

The Director General of the Automotive Industries Office, recently , asserted clearly that in assembled cars with internalization of more than 50%, the amount of the import tariff of parts will be greatly reduced.

However, for cars with internalization depth of less than 20%, the tariff amount would be considered the same as the tariff of imported cars.

Given encouraging automakers to increase the depth of internal manufacturing to develop their own specialized platforms, he concluded that instead of focusing on indegenizing cars in a few years, it is better for automakers to focus and plan on developing a new product that has its own platform and initiative.
Reporter : Fatemeh Khoshroo
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