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official in ministry of ICT:

Iran provides "Optical Fiber" for 8 mln households by yearned

The Iran Project : Deputy of Strategy and Market Development of the Organization of Regulatory and Radio Communications says a major part of the excavations related to the national optical fiber project has been done and by the end of the year, eight million Iranian households to be provided with.
Iran provides "Optical Fiber" for 8 mln households by yearned
Iran provides "Optical Fiber" for 8 mln households by yearned
According to The Iran Project, Mehdi Rouhaninejad made the comments at a press conference while explaining the national optical fiber project on Saturday.

In upstream documents, such as the document explaining the requirements of the national information network, the Ministry of Communications is tasked with covering 80% of the country's population with fixed high-speed communications (average of 25 Mbps), the official stated.

He went on to note that at the beginning of his tenure in this ministry, the Minister of Communications targeted this issue based on optical fiber so that speeds of at least 30 Mbps are available to users.

In the world, most of the internet traffic is on the fixed internet platform, but it is the opposite in our country. If the country's fixed communications had found the necessary quality in the last decade and users had used it, the pressure on mobile internet would have been less, he said.

But these events did not happen, and for this reason, we needed optical fiber to improve the quality of the communication network, he added.

The development of optical fiber communication in the world started 10 years ago and almost many advanced countries have been covered by fiber optics, he stressed.
Reporter : Fatemeh Khoshroo
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